Thursday, July 22, 2010

Long time, no stamp.

A much needed update, as we close shop temporarily as we move crafting locations (my home!) :o)

So sorry for the lack of posts, updates and new products over the past few months. In April my right hand thumb LOCKED and I was forced to take a break from crafting my cards. :o(
At this same time, my hubby and I found out we were PREGNANT with our first! <3 Turns out, the thumb/joint locking is most likely pregnancy related (go figure?!).

So after getting through a rough first tri-mester I am happy to say we are now almost at the halfway mark (20 weeks!) and my thumb is slightly better off. One cortizone shot later I can at least move it. We are now moving homes, so posts and products will continue to be slow... but I hope to change this sometime mid or late August as we settle in.