Thursday, October 21, 2010

Back in Action

Alathea Papergoods is back in action, after a site move (phew!) and one uncomfortable pregnant lady on the mend.
As I enter my 8th month, I have gotten back my crafting bug and sometimes, ability. Sooooo, new items - including CHRISTMAS (swooooon!) are being added to the shop daily.
A new CLEARANCE & SALE section has also been added, with goodies reduced and half priced! Check it out and grab them while you can.

Many apologies for the blog neglect, but here's hoping for a strong and healthy return (at least until our son is born!) :o)

Blessings, Sara


  1. Hey Sara!!! I meant to come visit you as soon as you left that sweet comment for me and I apologize that I am just now doing it! You are so sweet and totally made my day with your comment about seeing my cards! :) You should totally try submitting! Don't get discouraged if they don't pick it up right away! Just keep trying! Stick to your style and make cards that make you happy and submit those!! Let me know if you decide to try and have any questions! I would be glad to try and help! Congrats on your upcoming baby!! :)

  2. Hey Sara! Hope you are doing well! I just wanted to pop over and let you know that I got those bags at Hobby Lobby! :) Thanks so much for visiting me! :)