Sunday, March 28, 2010

Garage saling update...

I just HAD to followup my first post to brag on my first garage sale of the spring season finds!

At the VERY first place my friend Liz and I stopped, I got a bike for $10 (WOOT!) aaaaaaaaaaand a paper cutter (with all the measurements and card sizes lined up). Needless to say I was SUPER psyched for the rest of day.

I got some more treasures, but perhaps most fun was my antique chairs find. I found these at the sweetest old mans home... for - wait for it - $5 EACH! They are from the mid 1920's, are deliciously comfortable and in perfect condition!

I still haven't decided if I can make them fit with the rest of my apartments decor, but I HAD TO bring them home with me. The wood and leather details were just too amazing not to try and fit in somewhere...

Well, hope to post new items to be added this week in the shop soon. Also in process if trying to join CAST (Christian Artist Street Team) on Etsy! They have a great blog to encourage and share one another's handmade, vintage and/or supply items... so if you are interested in supporting search "castteam" in the Etsy search when looking to purchase your goodies! Also part of the EtsyNJ team! To support other NJers search "etsynj team" on Etsy for loads of handmade from this great state. :o)


  1. Finding bargains is such fun, isn't it?

  2. Hey Sara.... what great finds!! I hope you enjoy blogging as much as I do! Looked at your creations in your etsy shop... great stuff there! So glad that you visited me and left me some love! :)

  3. That chair is in PERFECT condition! I can't believe you got them for $5!!!!!
    Love your blog cousin.

  4. Beautiful products, beautiful chairs, beautiful is good! You are your mother's daughter.
    Love ya,
    Aunt S.